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3M™ ChromateCheck™ Swabs are an instant field test for the detection of hexavalent chromium (Cr (VI)) ions also called Chrome (VI) on any surface. Chemicals containing hexavalent chromium ions are frequently used in industry. Cr (VI) can enter the environment through many processes such as, but not limited to, cooling towers and water plants, plating operations, the tanning industry, and from paint pigments.
When 3M™ ChromateCheck™ Swabs come in contact with hexavalent chromium, the Swab tip turns a pink/purple color. The intensity of the color development is directly related to hexavalent chromium content. Each kit contains 8 Swabs and instruction sheet with color guide.


3M ChromateCheck Swabs are self-contained units each containing all the materials required for a rapid screening test to detect leachable Cr (VI) ions on virtually any solid surface. Inside the barrel of the swab are two glass ampoules containing a Cr (VI) reactive material and a liquid activating solution. Just crush, shake and squeeze, then RUB on most surfaces. If a pink/purple color develops on the 3M ChromateCheck Swab, compare it to the Color Chart included in the instruction manual. The appearance of a pink/purple color on the swab indicates the presence of Cr (VI) at greater than 1 microgram / test area. (Look for color on the side of the tip especially if the level of Cr (Vi) is low or the reaction mix has been sucked back into the swab).

SDS Sheet


(Fig 1A and 1B) Squeeze and crush points marked “A” and “B,” located on the barrel of the swab.


(Fig 2)With the swab tip facing down, shake twice and squeeze gently until the yellow liquid comes to the tip of the swab — it’s now activated for testing.

3. RUB

(Fig 3) While squeezing gently, rub the swab on the test area for 30 seconds. If the tip turns red or pink, lead is present.

Sensitivity: <0.1 microgram on solid surfaces

Specificity: Specific for hexavalent chromium ions (CrO42-)

Stability: Indefinite shelf life

Interferences: Please contact us for more information

Contact John Thompson to order:
1-800-262-LEAD or 1-800-262-5323 or