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Vendor Managed Inventory

Trumbull Industries can help manage your inventory. Whether it's the main storeroom or various point of use locations across your facility, Trumbull VMI programs make sure you have the right parts in the right place when you need them*. Trumbull stocks all of the products and replenishes your bins to the maximum quantity previously established.

Trumbull will analyze your inventory
TrumbullGs VMI Work Flow
  • Create a list of all products
  • Work with you to establish Min/Max levels.
  • Create Labels for all Trumbull products
  • Label Bins
  • Scan Bins for Replenishment
  • Get reorder approval (if required)
  • Process Replenishment Order
  • Deliver & Put Away Replenishment Order

*For large installations Trumbull has storeroom management programs available to manage all aspects of your storeroom replenishment.
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Vending Machines

Imagine a world where your supplier wants to help manage your inventory. That's what we do at Trumbull Industries. We want to be your long-term supplier partner.

With a Trumbull Vending Program your company

  • Controls the products in the machine - pick the brands you want (no product changes without approval)
  • Controls the availability of the products and who gets what and how many
  • Sees an average 20-25% reduction in product consumption
  • Enjoys consistent pricing
  • Has a secure, visible stocking environment
  • Receives 24/7/365 product availability in a clean, organized storage space
  • Receives a variety of reports vending software provides many reporting options and formats

The Coil

The Locker

  • The “Coil” (or Helix) style vending machine is the longest lasting, easiest to service machine currently in use because of its robust function and greatest degree of uptime.
  • The Locker is a sturdy companion to the SNAPVend™ Coil Machine. It is tethered to the Coil machine which usually acts as the Controlling Unit.
  • The modular nature of the Locker allows 18 doors of similar or variable sizes, with LED lighting for easy product identification and power savings.
  • The Locker system has flexibilities like Check–In and Check–Out, and simple configuration changing and expandability.

Let Trumbull Industries design a Vending Program that meets your needs & goals!

Contact 330-393-1118 for more information today.

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